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Aluminum Fashion Cane

                            LK3040     LK3042       LK3044      LK3045                LK3013/LK3012 Fashion Cane

Model LK3040       T-shape Handle
Model LK3041 Large Orthopedic Palm Handle   Left Hand: LK3041/ Right Hand: LK3042
Model LK3043 Small Orthopedic Palm Handle    Left Hand: LK3043/ Right Hand: LK3044
Model LK3045 Wood Derby Hook Shape Handle
Model LK3013 Maple T-shape Handle
Aluminum Cane

LK3011    LK3013    LK3012         LK3014           LK3015          LK3016


Model LK3011 Plastic Handle,Height Adjustable
Model LK3012 Sure Step Orthopedic Handle, Height Adjustable
Model LK3013 Plastic Common Handle, Height Adjustable
Model LK3014 Offset Handle with Foam Handgrips, Height Adjustable
Model LK3015 Standard Handle with foam handgrips, Height Adjustable
Model LK3016 Sure Step Orthopedic Handle Folding Cane, Folding & Height Adjustable
Aluminum Quad Cane

LK3022          LK3021          LK3023              LK3024            LK3020             LK3027A



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