POLY® ---   Cane  Crutch  Stick    

Forearm Crutches 

Model LK3030

Vinyl-coated, tapered arm cuffs molded.
Leg and forearm sections adjust independently.
"Euro Style" Forearm Crutches
Model LK3031
Color: Silver, Red, Pink, Blue, Green
One-piece molded plastic cuff and hand-grip assembly.

Reflection piece for safety purpose.

  LK3030 / LK3030C    -----------------------------------LK3031------------------------------------

     LK3032/  LK3033

Push Button Aluminum Crutches
LK3010L/M/S Aluminum Arm Crutch
Large Size: 5' 10" - 6'6"  (Adult)
Medium Size:  5'2" - 5'10" (Youth)
Small Size:   4'6" - 5'2" (Child)
Packing: 10pairs/ctn.
LK30108 Stainless Steel Arm Crutch
LK3212L/S Wooden Arm Crutch
Folding Blind Cane
LK3019 Folding Blind Cane
LK4100 2 hooks/4 hooks
LK3010L/M/S LK3010B
stainless steel
LK3212L/S LK4100 LK3019
Handle Shape:
 LK3041Right Hand  LK3042 Left Hand LK3040
Orthopedic Palm Handle  Orthopedic Palm Handle T-shape Handle
LK3043 Right Hand LK3044 Left Hand LK3013
Orthopedic Palm Handle Small Orthopedic Palm Handle Small Wooden Maple Handle
LK3011 LK3012 LK3045 Wood Maple
Plastic Handle Sure Step Orthopedic Handle Derby Hook Shape Handle
LK3015 LK3014
Standard Handle with Foam Handgrips Offset Handle with Foam Handgrips
Lightweight Aluminum Fashion Tubing Color Chart

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