Electric Scooter Series  



Model LK1030
Qty/20' FCL: 90pcs
Qty/40' FCL: 200pcs
Qty/40' HQ: 240pcs
Information below:
•  Overall dimensions: 1090 x 480 x 890 mm
•  Weight without battery pack: 30kg
•  Turning radius: 0.838m
•  Forward max speed: 6.4km/h
•  Backward max speed: 3.2km/h
Max climbing grade: 12 degree
Range: up to 10 miles
Ground clearance: 35mm
Carrying capacity: 100kg
Standard seat: foldable
Seat dimensions: 420(W) x 343(H) x 406(D)mm 
Seat material: black vinyl 
Drive system: rear-wheel drive, sealed mini transaxle, 24V DC motor 
Braking system: The electromagnetism brake
Tires: tire size 4 x 8 inch
Wheel hub: aluminum alloy
Battery Type: 2 x 12V, deep-cycle, AGM or Gel-cell 
Battery weight: 9.4 lbs(4.3kg) (each) 
Battery rated capacity: 12V 12Ah 
Battery charger: 2 Amp off-board battery charger